Mrs. Gurwell
Spanish Teacher
Wheatridge Middle School
USD 231
318 Washington St.
Gardner, KS  66030
United States
Phone: 913-856-2907
About me

Me llamo Sra. Gurwell.  ¡Me alegre enseñar Español! I have my M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction, with Kansas certification in Middle and Secondary Foreign Language, specializing in Spanish and Second Language Acquisition. 
This is my 22nd year teaching and I currently have the privilege of teaching Spanish quarterly to 5th-7th grade students.  My 8th graders are completing the High School Spanish 1 curriculum throughout the year.
My goal is to inspire cultural appreciation while providing students with rich experiences that enable them to discover language and culture from around the globe.  As students learn new concepts and skills in Spanish, they will connect what they learn with their other class subjects, as well as other areas of personal and community interest.
We will also discover ways that knowing other languages and cultures can enhance our education, study skills, communication skills and our lives!


Over the years, I've collected some of my favorite activities and students and I have even created many of our own.  Each page was designed for a particular class but many of the activities are useful for multiple grades and ability levels.  If you are currently enrolled in one of my courses, you will have your own username and password as well as your own homepage.  From that page you'll be able to link to our class activity and quiz page.  Here you'll find activities and quizzes that have been assigned to you for a grade. Be sure to log in to Quia for these activities and log in again for quizzes so that we can keep track of the amount of time you are spending on each.  This enables me to determine whether or not certain activities are more helpful than others.  It also helps me find connections between the kinds of activities, amount of time spent engaged in them and your success on quizzes. 
I will also include useful links for additional explanations, cultural readings, audio files and more for many of the topics we'll study, as we are preparing to use them.
Finally, you will be able to link to other quia pages for additional practice.  These activities will enable you to either review concepts you are having difficulty with or challenge yourself by either playing games w/more advanced uses of the language you are learning or by moving forward to upcoming material, as you are ready for it.  Again, PLEASE BE SURE TO LOG IN each time you play.  It shows me that you are taking charge of your learning and you may earn extra participation points this way! :-)