Monsieur Liebskind
French Teacher
King/Robinson Inter-District Magnet School
New Haven Public Schools
150 Fournier Street
New Haven, CT  06511
United States
Phone: 203-691-2700
About me

- Middle school French teacher at King/Robinson since 2013
- Middle and high school French teacher in Lebanon 2002-2013
- Former English and history teacher
- M.A. French Studies, Université Laval (Québec), January 2003
- B.A.  French, University of Connecticut, May 2000
- M.Ed. Elementary Education, University of Hartford, May 1991
- B.A. Politics and Government, University of Hartford, May 1988
- Former U.S. Army Reserve Officer (airborne qualified) & Desert Storm vet

Interests and Activities

-Passionate about Québec and Canada. I go there as often as I can.
-Huge hockey fan. Love the Nashville Predators.
-Coach hockey in Milford, CT
-Coast Guard Auxiliary Instructor, Vessel Examiner and boat crew trainee.
-Coast Guard Auxiliary Division and Flotilla Staff Officer
-Milford Citizens Police Academy Alumni Volunteer
-Enjoy spending time with my girlfriend, family, friends, and dog
-Love to travel
-Listening to the news and music from Québec and reading the Québec press
-Watching films and going to live comedy
-Surfing the net (way too much)
-Going to conferences, lectures, and workshops on language, history, politics, current events, and more
-Going to the theater and museums

Learning another language is fun.  It opens the door to a whole new world of interests, opportunities, and perspectives.  As our world shrinks, our interdependence increases, and global competition stiffens, it is important to have the skills, knowledge, and cultural understanding and perspective to succeed in this environment.  For some, learning a new language is easy.  For others, it is more difficult.  Approach language learning with a positive attitude and try to have fun with it.  Attitude is everything. Whether you think you can or can't, you're right.  Like everything else, learning a language is a process. Some things are easy, others hard, but you progress over time at your own unique pace.  Remember, what is now easy in any field was once difficult before you got the hang of it.  Have fun, practice and don't give up.  I am here to help make learning French a fun and beneficial experience for you.  If you need help, ask, and don't forget to enjoy the ride!
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