Mr. McCannon
FFA Advisor and Agriculture instructor
Pickens County Career & Technology Center
990 Chastain Rd.
Liberty, SC  29657
United States
Phone: (864) 397-4500
Fax: (864) 843-9064
About me
My Personal Teaching Creed...
I believe agriculture is the most vitally important industry in America and the world;  therefore,
I believe the classes I teach are as important as any other classes taught and must be taught in a rigorous and challenging manner; to do otherwise is insulting to you as a student and dangerous to the future of agriculture.
I further believe each student is capable of learning and I expect each student to perform at a high level.
I believe the learning process is much more important than facts alone; and it is the student's responsibility to engage themselves in activities that promote the learning process. 
I believe lecture, drill and review to be very minor elementary tools to use in the learning process;  I prefer putting the feed in the trough to bottle feeding. 
Most importantly, I believe CHARACTER, INTEGRITY and ATTITUDE will take you much further than brains;
I believe you will never care what I know until you know that I care.....And I do. 

In a nutshell my life has always centered around agriculture.  From the earliest time I can remember, I have been around farm life.  Cows, chicken, pigs, hay and gardens have always been part of my life.  It is a life and a way of life that I treasure and value deeply.  As much as I value that, I truly feel my calling is to be a teacher and to share the many opportunities afforded to the next generation of agriculturalists. 

If there is one part of the Agricultural Education Program that I am passionate about it is the FFA program.  I know from first hand experience what it did for me as a shy introverted 9th grader and have seen it do the same for students that have come through my classroom.  The awards listed below pale in comparison to the joy I feel when I see the student, who was a shy quiet greenhand , take charge and preside or speak at our FFA Banquet clearly and with conviction.  That pride can never be put on any plaque but I have countless pictures in my mind and they are priceless.