Ms. Tish (Tissier)
Spanish teacher
Spanify LLC
Denver, CO  80209
United States
About me
-Graduated from University of Florida with Bachelor's Degrees in Speech pathology, Audiology, and Spanish (1997-2001)
-Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar to Spain (2002)
-Bilingual Speech Therapist in Lee County Schools (2002-2003)
-Masters degree in Spanish from UCSB (2005-2007)
-Battle Mountain High School 9-11 Spanish teacher (2006-2007)
-Vail Mountain School k-5 Spanish teacher (2007-2009)
-David Schindel Outstanding Faculty Initiative Grant to Buenos Aires, Argentina (Summer 2008)
-Graland Country Day School 5-8 Spanish teacher (2009-2012)
-Founded Spanify LLC 2011-Private 1on1 and small group Spanish tutoring w/ specialization in teaching Spanish students with learning differences
Hello my Spanish Rockstars!!!!

You will notice I've organized all of the activities into grade-level folders so you can find things better. Each folder has AT LEAST one activity, but many have a lot more.  All activities are listed by the chapter number+details
(ex. BV 1-Ch.5:la ropa) you know you are working on the right stuff!

SO, if you need to practice on a particular aspect (irregular verbs or maybe reflexives), just go to the folder and have fun!

Also, HOMEWORK is posted at the beginning of each week and updated on a daily go to your class page!!!

There are also MORE PRACTICE QUIZZES!!!!  Remember, the quizzes are in the same format as the quiz/test it reflects, so if you want to feel comfortable walking into an assessment, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!

¡Hasta la vista!
:o) Ms. Tish
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