Sra. Hoover
Spanish Teacher
Dauphin County Technical School
6001 Locust Lane
Harrisburg, PA  17109
United States
Phone: (717) 652-3170 ext 2103
About me
Bienvenidos/Welcome to Spanish. I am Señora Hoover. I was born in Puerto Rico and have spoken Spanish my whole life. I am a graduate of Penn State, where I studied to become a teacher. I have been teaching Spanish since 1991. I have been at Dauphin County Technical School since 2005 where I have taught Spanish, Reading, English as a Second language and also served as Interim Assistant Principal. I truly enjoy my work at DCTS and I hope that all my students find my course enjoyable.
    Learning Spanish provides many benefits: the ability to meet new people and learn about other cultures, vocabulary expansion in English, possible wage increases at jobs for knowing a second language, and better test scores on standardized tests.
  All students are encouraged to think about how they can use their second language skills to affect change and make an impact in their environment. Seniors should plan on attempting to incorporate their language skills in their senior project.
    Students will use this Quia site for practicing vocabulary and some grammar. There are comprehension question quizzes for our chapter readers. Students may earn bonus points per marking period for using the site regularly outside of class. Use your username and password in the student zone in order to keep track of your activities. I have included some links with vocabulary related to shops and other useful topics.
Don't forget to log on to the quia activities to track your time! Go to your specific class page for current chapter activities. Your username is: first name, last name 313 (joesmith313) and your password is your student id number.
My links
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Currency convertor: find out money value
Advanced Placement Spanish exam information
Sr. Jordan video tutorials
Sentence Structure-Enforex
Help with typing accents
Paralink: Type & hear pronunciation of words.
Puzzlemaker: create your own puzzles
BCM-Spanish for building construction
ECM-Electrical and Building Contractor vocabulary
Recipes for Spanish cooking from Goya
Kraft kitchen recipes in Spanish
Graphic Arts - terms
HA-health care spanish
OH: Names of flowers in Spanish
VA-veterinary terms
VA-specialized dictionary
Spanish practice through Free
Create a comic
Cosmetology terms
Matt de la Pena, visiting author December 2016
Jason Reynolds, visiting author October 2018
Healthcare Spanish lessons