PSAT/SAT Sentence Completion #2

In practicing this section remember the following hints:
(1) think of a simple word for the blank before looking at the choices;
(2) decide whether the blank has a positive or negative "feel";
(3) look for context clues, such as...
___ and ___ = the same word or "feel";
___ but ___ = opposite word or "feel";
other "opposite" indicators are...
although, despite, on the contrary.
Short sentences tend to be asking for vocabulary; long sentences tend to be asking for reading comprehension.
In two-blank questions, fill in one blank first to eliminate choices.
A last reminder: the last question in the sentence completion section is probably the hardest; therefore, if you cannot see the answer quickly, skip it in order to have more time on other questions which are easy.

Mrs. Blankenship

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