ALG Solving a quadratic by factoring PRACTICE!!

View the Khan Academy video and answer questions.
Unlimited trials!!

Watch this video from Khan Academy, entitled "Solving a quadratic by factoring"

This is the link, copy and paste it into a new tab or window in your web browser.

Pay attention to the use of f(x)... This means "function of x"... Sometimes we say that y is a function of x, when we are talking about a functional relationship between the 2 variables, x and y. We could write this as y=f(x), meaning "y is a function of x". If this does not make sense, just ignore it for awhile, and concentrate on the quadratic expression (like x^2 + 6x + 8) and not the equation... the one with the equal sign.

After (or while) watching the video, answer these questions. If you want to answer the questions without watching the video, that could be OK. If you get these correct, GREAT!!
If you need more work, view the video again (as often as you need to).

NOTE: Do all your work on lined paper. Save this work. Bring this in to math class to be checked.

This quiz is timed.
The total time allowed for this quiz is 2 hours.

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