Word Lesson 1: Save & Numbering & Bullets

A. SAVE Your Document:

1. Click File then Save As. Click Save in: and click on the first lab313.
2 .Click on the folder Students Save Work Here.
3. Click on the folder Teacher Pilco then click on the folder Computer Lab Class 730.
4. Go to the bottom and click on File Name: and add YOUR NAME (for example: My Future Plans Maria Suarez)
5. Click SAVE.

B. Numbering:

1. Open a Word Document.
2. Type and center the title of your page (My Future Plans). Change the font or font size as desired.
3. Enter two times.
4. Click on the ‘align left’ button. Make the font size 14.
5. Click on the ‘numbering’ button.
6. Make a list of 4 things you want to do in the future (for example: Visit the Grand Canyon; Get a job in an office; Learn Spanish, etc.).
7. After your 4th item, when you hit ‘enter,’ you will see number 5. To remove the extra number, use the backspace key on your keyboard (to type on this line) OR use the enter key to go down a few lines.

C. Bullets:

1. Now type and center another title (Things to Do Today). Change the font or font size as desired.
2. Enter two times.
3. Click on the ‘align left’ button and make the font size 14.
4. Click on the ‘bullets’ button.
5. Make a list of three things you need to do today (for example: Pick up my children at school; Make dinner; Study English at home, etc.).
6. Remember if you have an extra bullet, use the backspace key to remove it (to type on that line) OR use the enter key to go down a few lines.

Congratulations! Now you can save your document and make lists using numbers and bullets.

Keep practicing so you don’t forget!

Wislofsky 2/2009
Modified by: Pilco 1/2010

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