How Language Works 2 (Spanish)

Scoring Rubric
Level 4 Response offers clear, consistent, and convincing evidence of an accurate knowledge of the language system and of a thorough understanding of the structure of language including the rules by which words are formed and the ways that phrases, clauses, and sentences are structured.

-Accurate corrections for the errors; and
-Thorough and acceptable explanations of why the errors are incorrect.

Directions: Correct the underlined mistake(s) and say *why* they are mistakes. For the real assessment, you will be told that you may use your booklet to write any words that require diacritical marks, as the text editor does not allow them. This is only partially true. If you are comfortable using the ALT + keypad method of creating diacritical marks, that will work just fine. I did all my corrections right on the screen to save time. You have that option, although they don't tell you that. For this practice, you will have to type in your answers in the answer block, using the Spanish keyboard, the ALT+keypad method or the Spanish special letters provided below by Quia.

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Soy maestra de español
North Hardin High School
Radcliff, KY

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