A New Sport For Vic

Like most of his friends, Vic joined the baseball team. Unlike his friends who loved playing baseball, Vic didn't enjoy it at all.

Vic's friends knew what to do on the field. They knew when to run and when to stay on base. They were able to throw the ball well. They had natural talent.

Vic, on the other hand, got mixed up easily. He threw the ball to the wrong place. He could hit okay, but he had no idea where or when to run. The coach was kind, His teammates were too. But Victor felt bad when he made mistakes. He left the team.

Then Vic's mother signed him up for karate lessons. Vic's instructor said Vic had natural talent. Playing baseball had made Vic feel weak and unhappy. Karate was different. It made Vic feel strong and happy.

Vic still likes watching baseball, but karate is the sport for him.

Third Grade Teacher
Nova Eisenhower Elementary
Davie, FL

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