Reading Comprehension 1

Did you ever hear someone say, "I'd do it at the drop of a hat"? The person means he or she would do it right away. This saying started hundreds of years ago. Back then, people would drop a hat in order to start a race. When the hat touched the ground, the runners would take off. Today, we use the phrase "at the drop of a hat" when a person does something suddenly or eagerly.

To a bat, the world must seem topsy-turvy. That's because this creature spends a good part of its day hanging upside down! A bat has five sharp claws on each of its short hind legs. It uses the claws to hang upside down from tree branches, caves, and city bridges. A bat hangs for many hours each day - even while it is sleeping, eating, and washing itself. In fact, the only time this flying mammal is right side up is when it is fetching insects, fruit, or other meals.

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