Reading Comprehension: Please Watch Where You Step

There was a young girl named Julie; the most popular kid at Westmoreland High School. She always made D’s and F’s. One day in September, she fell into a manhole. Next, she was in her bed with a mammoth bruise on her forehead. Her mom said it looked like she had a softball growing out of her face.
The following day Julie noticed that she was smarter! At school she was able to complete every question that was given to her. Within the course of weeks, she pulled her grades up to all A’s. Her teachers thought that she was cheating.

When Julie acquired this high level of intelligence, she started to look down on her friends and lost them all. She didn’t care because she was smarter than everyone else and NASA had recently offered her a job as a nuclear scientist. She was offered a salary of $233,000 a year.

The end of November was approaching and Julie was ready to move to Florida to start her new career, her new saying in life was, “I mean business”. She had left her friends and family behind without shedding a tear. As she was walking to her car to leave, Julie accidently feel into a ditch, and rolled down a hill, and landed in a sewer filled manhole.

After waking up from her second injury she was in bed with a huge bruise on her forehead. She began to cry like a baby, because her supernatural intelligence was gone, and she knew that her career with NASA was over.

By the time she was able to go back to school, her friends heard that she was back to her old ways. To Julie’s surprise, her friends welcomed her back with open arms. They went out on weekends together, and had a great time. Julie’s parents even continued to love her.

Things were now going great for Julie! On the last day of school Julie and her friends were heading to the beach to relax. She kissed her parents goodbye and promised to see them soon. As she was waving goodbye to her parents, she accidently fell into another manhole and it had an orange sign
next to it.

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