Phrasal verbs 4

READ THE FOLLOWING PHRASAL VERBS.CHOOSE THE RIGHT ANSWER. CHECK ANSWERS AND GET THE SCORE. DIE AWAY: Become so faint or weak that it is no longer noticeable. DIE FOR: (informal) want something very much. DIE OUT: Become extinct - come to complete end. DIE OFF: To die one by one. DO SOMETHING UP: Renovate something or redecorate ( a house, a room etc). DO WITHOUT SOMEONE / SOME THING: Manage without someone / something. ( used esp with can or could). DO OVER: (Slang) attack and beat somebody severly. DRAW IN: Attract someone. DRAW OUT: Encourage someone to be less shy or encourage somebody to talk. DRAW UP: Come to stop ( a vehicle) - to make a written plan or agreement. DROP IN: Pay someone a casual visit. DROP OUT: Stop attending or participating. DROP OFF: Fall asleep - decrease.

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