Phrasal verbs 10

READ THE FOLLOWING PHRASAL VERBS. FILL IN THE GAPS WITH THE RIGHT ANSWERS. CHECK ANSWERS AND GET THE SCORE. Hang about: (informal)stand waiting idly-doing nothing. Hang back: hesitate to come forward. Hang on: grip something firmly - wait- keep something. Hang out: (Informal) visit a place - live or one's free time. Hang up: end a telephone conversation by replacing the receiver. Hand down: pass something on by tradition - inheritance. Hand out: circulate something - give or offer something to others. Hold back: hesitate to act or speak because of fear or reluctance. Hold off: ( Usually weather ) be delayed. Hold down: Control the freedom of somebody - keep something at a low level or keep something down. Hold over: postpone something. Hold up something / someone: delay or stop someone / something. Hold out: lost - remain.

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