Chip and Annie

It was a glorious summer day and no one wanted to work. Out in the meadow, Chip the Grasshopper chirped and sang to his heart's content. Annie the Ant passed by, dragging a kernel of corn that she was taking back to the anthill.

"Why not come and frolic with me instead of laboring in the hot sun?" asked Chip.

"I am helping to store food for the winter," replied Annie. "I think you should do the same."

"You're worried about winter in the middle of summer?" asked Chip. "We have plenty of food right now so why not come and sing with me?"

Annie thought Chip was very foolish and shortsighted. She wondered how he would survive the long winter but she had work to do and couldn't worry about a silly grasshopper. She ignored him and went back to her task. chip thought Annie was far too serious for such a young ant. He sang louder than ever as she walked off, just to annoy her.

When the winter arrived, Chip had no food and was wasting away. He shivered and watched as the ants ate from the stores they had collected during the summer. Annie saw him staring at them. She recalled his beautiful songs from last summer and felt sorry for him. She offered to share her rations with him. Chip was so grateful to Annie for saving his life and vowed to repay her.

Next summer, Chip the Grasshopper could still be heard singing in the field, but this time he worked while he sang. You could also hear another happy voice, if you listened closely. It was Chip's new best friend, Annie. Annie had taught Chip the value of hard work. Now it was Chip's turn to show Annie how to have a little fun. They laughed and sang while they both prepared for the coming winter.

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Jane Addams High School

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