Lesson 25 - Emil Plays the Piano

Every day on the way to the bus stop, Emil would pass the music store. Through the window he could see the big black piano. It looked so pretty that Emil wanted to touch it. There was never any time as he and his mother hurried to catch the bus.

Then one day the bus came early. Even though they ran, Emil and his mother couldn't catch it. They were left huffing and puffing on the sidewalk.

"Now what are we going to do?" his mother asked. "There's isn't another bus for half an hour, and it's hot out here."

"Let's go into the music store," Emil said.

"Why would you want to go in there?" his mother asked, but she let Emil guide her into the store.

"Emil! Don't touch anything!" his mother said, just as he was about to touch the piano keys. Emil sighed.

Then a man came from behind the counter. "It's fine," he told Emil's mother. "The piano is there so people can play it."

He helped Emil onto the piano bench. "See?" the man said, playing a few notes. "You press down on one key, and it makes a tune. You press down on three keys, and you get a chord."

Emil nodded. He put his fingers on the same keys the man had pressed. He played one note and then the chord, which pleased Emil. It was the perfect way to end the tune.

"That was good," the man said. "Do you play music?"

"No," Emil said.

"They have classes at his school," his mother said. "We never though of having Emil take lessons. Maybe we should, though."

The man nodded. "That's a very good way to start," he said.

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