Lesson 7 - Peanut Butter Bait

Amaya went fishing with her grandfather, her uncle, and her brother. Read the story "Peanut Butter Bait." Then answer the questions.

One day last summer, Grandpa Benner and Uncle Henry took Owen and me fishing. We went out on the lake in a rowboat. Grandpa Benner said we should use worms as bait to catch fish. He showed us how to attach a worm to a fishing hook. I attached a worm the same way Grandpa showed me, but Owen didn't.

"Why aren't you putting a worm on your hook, Owen?" Grandpa asked.

"I don't want to hurt the worm," Owen said.

"Owen likes all kinds of crawly things," I explained. "I, personally, think they're creepy."

Uncle Henry had a box of plastic worms with him. "Owen, do you want to use a plastic worm instead?"

Owen looked at the plastic worms. "They don't look very tasty," he said. "I don't think the fish will like plastic."

Uncle Henry and Grandpa looked at each other and shrugged. "Do what you want, Owen," said Grandpa. "Can you think of something else that would work?"

Owen sat and thought for a minute. Then he opened his lunchbox and pinched off a corner of his peanut butter sandwich. He attached it to his hook and tossed the hook into the water. A few minutes later, Owen's line moved. There was a huge fish at the end of it. The peanut butter bait worked!

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