Grammar / Creative Writing pieces

Here we will submit our "grammar creative writing sentences on a theme." The goal is to broaden our repertoire of sentence and phrase patterns, so our writing is rich and engaging. Please put phrases in parentheses and capitalize important words before submitting them on Quia.

1. Compound subjects:
The GAZELLE and the ANTELOPE drank from the same waterhole.

2. Compound verbs in a series -- same tense, please:
The hippos SWAM upstream, SUNNED themselves on logs, and then DRIFTED slowly downstream.

3. Two prepositional phrases:
(BEFORE the thunderstorm), a hot wind whistled (IN the savannah grasses).

4. Two adjectives after a noun:
The wildebeest, FRANTIC and UNPREDICTABLE, scattered in all directions.

5. Present participial phrase:
(GAZING across the savannah), the zebras spotted no lions, for now.

6. Past participial phrase:
Four hyenas, (FRENZIED about the carcass nearby), jumped up and down as if on trampolines.

7. Zoom or absolute phrase:
A meerkat sniffed the air, (its NOSE QUIVERING in disgust).

8. Gerund phrase as a subject:
(RUNNING through the shallow waters) was fun for the baby zebras.

9. Infinitive phrase as subject:
(TO PROTECT her baby from the leopard) was the baboon mother’s goal.

10. Infinitive phrase as adverb, answering 'why':
The hyenas laughed wildly (TO CELEBRATE their spoils.)

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