June 21-June 24 Honors Summer Diagnostic Grammar Quiz

Before you start your study of grammar and writing skills, you need an idea of how much you already know and how much you need to learn. The pretest that follows consists of 50 multiple-choice questions covering many of the concepts we'll study this year and that will be tested on all of the standardized tests you will take this year. Obviously, 50 questions can’t cover every single concept or rule you will learn during the year. If you get a lot of the answers wrong on this pretest, don’t despair. It just means you will have work to do during the year to prepare for the English section of the ACT! As you submit each question, you will see the answer and an explanation. READ the explanation so you understand the rule! If you don't do well, don't play the BLAME Game. It's no one teacher's fault. Research suggests that poor grammar skills are LARGELY the result of NOT being a lifelong reader! Reading REGULARLY teaches you to recognize correct grammatical structures. Please be ON YOUR HONOR and do this ALONE. The purpose of this activity is to see where YOUR skills are! :-) If you feel like you need to quickly look up a rule online while you are quizzing, that would be fine but remember the test will shut off after 45 minutes. Do your best ON YOUR OWN! That's all I ask!

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English Instructor/Internship Supervisor
West Central High School
Hartford, SD

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