Lesson 34 - An Early-Rising Machine

John Muir liked to invent things. He would wake up very early in the morning. He would go down to the cellar of his home. That is where he built all kinds of things.

Many of his inventions were clocks. He made one clock that had four sides. He made another that did not have the numbers in a circle. He even made a timer to attach to his bed. He called this invention an early-rising machine.

John decided to take his inventions to the State Fair.

At the fair, John saw two young boys. He asked them to help him show how the early-rising machine worked.

The boys pretended to be sleeping in the bed. While John was speaking, the timer kept ticking. When the "wake-up time" came, the early-rising machine made the bed tip up at one end. The boys slid out of the other end. Everybody thought it was great fun!

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