U5E3-4 - Preterite-Past-Tense-AR

To conjugate regular -ar verbs in the preterite, drop the ending (-ar) and add one of the following:

(yo)------------é---------hablé------I spoke
(tú)-------------aste-----hablaste---you (fam.) spoke
(él/ella/Ud.)---ó-------- habló-------he/she/you(form.) spoke
(nosotros/as)--amos---hablamos---we spoke
(vosotros/as)--asteis---hablasteis--you all (inf.-Spain) spoke
(ellos/as, Uds)-aron----hablaron----they, you all spoke

NOTE: The "we/nosotros/as" form is the same as present tense. You can only tell the meaning from context.

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