2 Futuro do Subjuntivo - Português II e III

Fill in the blanks with Future of Subjunctive verbs only, and choose the correct answer in the multiple choice cue.

To find the Future Subjunctive of Irregular verbs: Find the form of the third person plural of the Preterite Indicate:
Ex. (Ser/Ir) Eu fui, ele foi, nós fomos, elas [foram]

On FORAM drop the last 2 letters "AM", see that the reminder is the Future Subjunctive (=for). It conjugates as the following:

Se eu FOR
Se ele/ela/você FOR
Se eles/elas/vocês FOREM

Use it for expressing doubt about the future. Begin the phrase with a conjunction that says that "when" or ""if" something happens it will have a chance to be possible.
Ex: Quando ele [for] ao Brasil, pediremos que ele nos telefone.

The 1st phrase uses the Subjunctive to indicate a possibility that may or may not happen; the 2nd phrase, after the coma, is in the Indicative, which says that will happen if the the action on the first phrase is completed (50/50?).


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