CLC Stage 40: Types of Subjunctive Clauses (ID & Translation) REVIEW - (Catullus 5, 7, 85)

First identify the type of subjunctive clause; then choose the correct translation. Here are the clause types:
* PURPOSE (UT or NE for negative) - explains why something is done
* Indirect Commands (UT or NE for negative) - has ORDERING, DEMANDING, URGING, WARNING, BEGGING and even ASKING (similar); you could take the UT clause and turn it into an imperative/command. (Has verbs of the head!)
* Indirect Question - has questions words starting the clause; the clause could be turned into a normal question (Has verbs of the head!)
* Result Clauses - triggers: tam, adeo, tantus, tot - THAT
* TEMPORAL Cum Clauses - when (does NOT have to be subjunctive!); ** in the FUTURE or FUTURE PERFECT (indicative), it can have the force of a conditional
* CAUSAL Causal Clauses - since, because (definitely subjunctive). (Can only tell whether causal or temporal by context! Sorry!)
* Hortatory Subjunctive - 1st person singular and plural, present subjunctive "Let us verb"
* Potential Subjunctive - may, could (indicates something is possible; present subjunctive)

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