Diving In Comprehension

Jeanette was trying hard not to look scared in front of the other kids. She and her little sister have been taking swimming lessons. They learned how to float and put their faces in the water. They paddled around on kick boards, and learned how to swim freestyle and do the backstroke, which was fun.

Then came a time when it was not fun. The swimming teacher, would say "Dive time!" and all the kids would jump off the diving board into the deep end of the pool. Jeanette often had an excuse why she couldn't do this. Either she had to go to the bathroom or she hurt her arm or she had a headache.

One time during dive time she asked her teacher if she could take a rest because she was not feeling well. She went to sit with her dad and he asked her if she was afraid to jump off the dive board. She said "No." While she was sitting she watched her little sister enjoying herself and thought, "Wow! My little sister is much braver than I am."

That night she thought about her problem. She remembered how Claire would run to the end of the board and jump right in. She decided she would not be afraid anymore. At the next class she would jump off the board just like her sister.

"Dive time!" Jeanette watched how excited her sister was. She took a deep breath and walked to the deep end. When it was her turn, she walked slowly to the end of the diving board.

She looked at he dad and the teacher, smiling encouragingly at her. Then she jumped up, bounced off the board, and jumped into the water. Splash! When she kicked back up to the surface, there was a big smile on her face.

Jeanette promised herself that the next time if she was scared to try something, she would just jump right in.

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