Puppet Show Story Box Comprehension

To make a puppet show story box you will need these things:
shoebox with an attached lid
4-6 popsicle sticks
4-6 pieces of thin cardboard
paints and paintbrushes

When you have all of these things, follow these steps:

1. Cut a slit in the long side of the shoebox that is connected to the lid. This will become the floor of the shoebox stage. You will put the popsicle sticks through this slit to control the puppets.

2. turn the shoebox over, with the box open and flat on the table. You should be looking at the lit of the shoebox. This will become the stage. Paint the lid of the shoebox to look like a castle. This will be the stage for a puppet show about a royal family.

3. Cut the thin cardboard into shapes of people. Make a king, a queen, a prince, and a princess. These will be the characters in your puppet show. Paint the cardboard shapes to look like the characters. Glue each cardboard character to the end of a stick.

4. Put the popsicle sticks through the slit in the floor of the stage. Place the completed story box at the very edge of a table. Take your place behind the table. Now make up your own story and use your puppets to act it out!

No one really knows the history of puppets. We think that shadow puppets were the earliest kind of puppets. Shadow puppetry started in China thousands of years ago. Shadow puppets are made of metal and held up to a light. People watch the shadow, not the puppets.

Many kinds of puppetry have been enjoyed all over the world for many years. Maybe puppets have been around as long as people have! Today, some of the most well-known puppets are on television. Many shows for young children have all sorts of puppets.

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