Reading Comprehension II

In the 1620's, Pilgrim children had plenty of work to do in the new settlement. They studied, hunted for food, prepared meals, and helped care for younger brothers and sisters. But these early American kids had some time for fun, too. One of their favorite games was called Puss in the Middle. Would you like to play this Pilgrim game? Just follow the directions below:
1. Gather four friends. Have one child stand in the middle of the room. He or she is Puss.
2. Have the other four children stand in the corners of the room.
3. The corner players must change places without giving Puss a chance to grab a corner spot.
4. When Puss gets a corner spot, the child who lost his or her spot becomes the next Puss. The game starts all over again!

For many kids, there is nothing like a good action movie. They love seeing their favorite stars leap across rooftops or drive at high speeds in a thrilling chase. What they may not know is that, behind every dangerous scene, there is a stunt person. Stunt people look like the real movie stars, but they are especially trained to perform daring tricks. They practice dangerous scenes over and over again. And they wear thick padding on their backs, arms, and shoulders to protect themselves.

Stunt people use other safety tricks, too. When they fall during a scene, they often land on a mattress or trampoline. When a car window explodes in the stunts person's face, it is made of fake glass that will not cut the skin. Although you can't see these tricks on camera, they sure help keep you glued to the screen!

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