Reading Comprehension IV

Juan had to make a mobile for art class. He wanted his mobile to show stormy weather. The first thing he did was look for pictures in old magazines. He found a picture of dark clouds and cut it out. Then, he cut out a picture of a snowflake. After that, he cut out a picture of a man. The man was chasing his hat in the wind.

Next, Juan looked for storm words. He found the word blizzard. Then he found hurricane. The last word he found was tornado. Juan cut out the words. He pasted the words and then the pictures onto stiff pieces of cardboard. After that, Juan punched a hole in each piece of cardboard. Then, he cut six pieces of string. He cut each string a different length. Next, he tied a piece of string to each picture and each word. Finally, he tied the other end of the strings to a coat hanger. His mobile was finished.

One of the prettiest insects in the garden is the black and orange monarch butterfly. Monarchs don't start life pretty. In fact, they don't start life as butterflies. A monarch begins life as a tiny egg. After a few days, the egg hatches on a leaf. A tiny larva, or caterpillar, comes out.

The caterpillar needs food right away. First, it eats its eggshell. Then it munches on leaves. It eats and eats. It stops eating after it grows to be about two inches long. Now, it's ready to start the next stage of its life. First it looks for a good branch. Then it wraps itself up in a green case with gold specks. This case is a pupa.

The pupa hangs from the branch for about two weeks. Finally, an adult butterfly breaks out. At first, its wings are damp and weak. Soon, the wings dry. They get strong, and the monarch flies away.

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