Reflexión sobre el examen oral - PERIODO 7

To find your recording, follow these steps:

1. Go to the start menu, then enter "computer" and then "P drive" or "student work"

2. Click on the folder "Lingrell" and then "SP4 - spring"

3. Select "R6 pre-assessments" and then your period

4. Find your name and double click to listen (if you need headphones, please ask, I have some)

5. After listening, please go to the folder "R6 post-assessments - oral exam" and do the same.

6. Then write here your personal reflection on your growth over the past 6 weeks. You may even want to listen back to the recordings from R3!!




  1. Five weeks ago, you were presented with an oral exam packet and told to record one of the stories in the packet as a pre-assessment. Since then, you have had the opportunity to practice each day in class in order to improve your story telling. Listen to your R6 pre-assessment and then to your post assessment (oral exam). How have you grown since then in your ability to tell a story in the target language? Please be specific.

  1. Here is the oral exam rubric you were given with the story part of your oral exam. Read it and then rate your pre-assessment. Where were you five weeks ago on the rubric below?

    1 2 3 4

  1. Now rate your post-assessment. Where are you now on the rubric below?

    1 2 3 4