MBPJ Borang Bantahan. (MBPJ Objection Form)

MBPJ issued the Petaling Jaya Draft Structure Plan 2 in December 2007. The draft plan proposed to destroy the last patch of forest in PJ. This forest also happens to be the oldest forest reserve in Malaysia (until MBPJ degazzetes it promising that the forest will be kept as a botanic park). Please fill up the form and we will collectively send all objection forms to MBPJ before the deadline (28-1-2008)

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

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  1. The below picture shows that MBPJ plans to destroy the whole forest. Please select the reason for your objection from the options presented below. I OBJECT TO THE PLAN TO DESTROY THE FOREST BECAUSE (you can select more than one option)

    It will cause floods
    It will cause traffic congestion
    It will make Petaling Jaya a hotter place to live in
    It will deprive the public of a 100 year old urban forest that is easily accesible by PJ residents
    The development of the forest will benefit a few financialy at the expense of the general public
    It means that the Menteri Besar have broken his promise to keep the area as a green lung.
    Petaling Jaya need a forest to educate the future generations about the importance of the forest in view of the global concern on global warming
    We need a place where youth can have healthy activities around nature
    It goes against Sustainable Development (Development of the forest is Over Development NOT Sustainable Development) as there is less than 10% green area in PJ.

  1. Please write down any other objections that you may have.. Thank you