Harry Potter Night

I am interested in doing a combination book club and movie club with students in 5th, 6th and 7th grade here at MPA. Our focus would be Harry Potter. Given your choice, what and when would be best?

There are five movies available. I will show one each month while encouraging students to read (or re-read) the books. We will discuss the books and compare them to the movies, eat some popcorn and have fun!

Please answer these few questions so that I can get an idea about how to best accommodate your schedules. You do not have to give me your name but if you have questions or you want me to contact you, I'll need that information.


Ms. Orlik

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  1. Is your student interested in seeing the Harry Potter movies and discussing the books? If your answer is no, just say no to this question and click on the Submit Answers button. You're done! And thanks for your input! :)  *

  1. What evening would be best? 

  1. What time would be best? Assume the movies are about 2 hours long. 

  1. Would you support our 8th Grade trip to New York and Boston (in the Spring) by paying a small amount ($3.00) for your student to participate in these events? 

  1. Would you support the 8th Grade trip to New York and Boston by giving your student money to buy popcorn and other treats at the movie? 

  1. Thank you so much for participating in this survey! Your answers will help make this a successful, fun experience! If you have anything else you want to tell me, please use this box.

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