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  1. What do you prefer while learning in class?
    - working alone
    - working with a partner
    - working in groups

  1. Do you feel nervous when you speak English in class?
    No, I am always relaxed.
    Sometimes, when I speak in front of the whole class.
    Yes, I always feel very nervous.

  1. What helps you to remember words and phrases?
    When I see them.
    When I hear them.
    When I see pictures of them.

  1. How often do you think about grammar?
    Only when I do grammar exercises.
    When I am reading or writing.
    Sometimes when I am speaking.

  1. What do you prefer doing at the lessons? (you can choose more answers)
    - Czech-English translations
    - English-Czech translations
    - listening activities
    - reading activities
    - writing activities
    - speaking activities in pairs
    - speaking activities in groups
    - speaking activities with the whole class
    - playing games
    - exercises on SmartBoard
    - online exercises and activities (Quia, OUP etc.)

  1. Write a message to your teacher. Have you improved since we started working together? In what field (grammar, vocabulary, reading, speaking, listening, writing...)?
    Would you like to change/add anything to our lessons?
    (max. 3 lines)

English teacher, Liberec