Bus Econ Stats


  1. Describe your feelings about the price of gas
    Gas prices will basicallly hover around where they are now. Maybe higher, maybe lower
    Gas prices will go higher, probably more near where they were a month ago
    Gas prices will go lower, maybe even back to what they were before all this stuff happened

  1. Which best describes your current academic goals?
    I am going for a 4 year degree and beyond
    I am going for a 2 year degree
    I am going for a 1 year certificate
    I am just in school to acquire more knowledge, no real plan yet

  1. What is your anticipated annual starting salary after finishing your educational goals? Enter an annual dollar amount and cents. No dollar signs or letters needed

  1. How old was your mother at the time you were born?

  1. How many were in your family including you?

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