Questionnaire to Window on Work Values customers

Dear Keith Willis,

As far as we know Mr. Marc Tscheuschner has already informed you, that we are going to contact you about the WoWV Profile.
We are a group of 6 students working on a project concerning the implementing of the WoWV in Germany.

It would be very helpful for our groupwork if you could answer the following questions.

Thank you very much for your support.

kind regards,
the students from Würzburg.

Let´s start...



A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

1. How did you notice about TMS?*

2. Which instruments of TMS do you work with?*
Team Management Profile Questionnaire
Types of Work Profile Questionnaire
Linking Skills Profile Questionnaire
Team Performance Profile Questionnaire
The Opportunities-Obstacles Profile QO2
Window on Work Value Profile Questionnaire
Organisational Values Profile Questionnaire
Strategic Team Development Profile Questionnaire
Influencing Skills Profile Questionnaire

3. How long have you worked with WoWV yet?*

4. In which departments do you use WoWV?*


5. In which hierarchy level is WoWV active?*
Top level
Upper level
Middle level


6. For how many employees do you have a WoWV Profile at your
company / organisation?*

7. To which occasions / tasks was the WoWV beneficial?*
New projects
Team optimization


8. Which actions are followed after the WoWV evaluation?*
Reorganisation of the team
Personal interviews
Group feedback


9. Which visible success / changes could you observe?*
Higher productivity
Enhanced working atmosphere
Increased motivation


10. Which benefits / drawbacks have you seen compared with
competitives products?*

11. Which were your main intentions to reach the decision for WoWV?*

12. Could you tell us your experiences about the WoWV-Tool?

13. Somebody is asking you about your advice. How would you
recommend WoWV?

14. Suggestions for improvements?

FH-Würzburg University of Applied Sciences