Dances and Homecoming at McLane

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  1. I plan on going to the Sadie Hawkins Dance*

  1. I plan on going to the Homecoming 2 game?*

  1. If you are not going to Saide Hawkins, what is the MAIN reason you are not going?*
    I had no one to go with or I was afraid to ask them out.
    No one asked me.
    Too much money, $25 or $40 per couple is too much
    I didn't know about the dance in time
    other reason

  1. If you are not going to Homecoming 2, why not?*
    NO money to get into the game
    Boring, I had sports and/or football
    The team isn't very good
    My friends don't go.
    I've got something else I have to do.
    other reason

Patrick Wilson, Media Teacher
Minarets High School
O'Neals, CA