Research Activity for SOCI 1010 - writing hypotheses related to multicultural contacts

Read the following scenario and answer the questions below: A researcher wanted to know if contact with persons from other cultures lessened an individual's resistance to welcoming new immigrants into his small very homogeneous community. Door-to-door surveys were done in all of the households to ascertain attitudes toward new residents who were immigrants or refugees. He then arranged for panel discussions to be held during PTA meetings and at dinners in all of the churches in the community. Parents were encouraged to attend the meetings and pastors encouraged congregation members to come to the potluck dinners and listen to the panels. Following the meetings another, similar survey was collected.

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A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. State a possible hypothesis that this sociologist might use in his study. *

  1. What is the independent variable in the hypothesis you have stated?*

  1. What is the dependent variable in the hypothesis you have stated?*

  1. How effective do you think his survey methodology would be? Is there another method he could use?*

  1. What ethical concerns might you need to address when conducting this study?*

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