Study Questions for Exodus 1-8


  1. Study Questions for Exodus 1-8

    1. What change occurred that caused the Israelites to be enslaved by the Egyptians after living among them freely for several generations?

    2. What was different about the new king of the Egyptians?

    3. How did the Hebrew midwives avoid killing the new-born male babies?

    4. To which of the 12 tribes did Moses belong?

    5. How was he spared the fate of other Israelite male babies?

    6. Why did Moses flee from Pharaoh?

    7. What did God remember when He heard the groaning of his people?

    8. How did God get Moses’ attention while Moses was herding sheep for his father-in-law, Jethro?

    9. What did God tell Moses his name was?

    10. Why did Moses not wish to speak for the Lord?

    11. What phrase does God use to describe Israel to Pharaoh?

    12. How did Pharaoh react when Moses asked him to let Israel go and sacrifice in the wilderness?

    13. What two miraculous signs did God perform by Moses before He brought the first plague upon the Egyptians?

    14. What were the first 3 plagues which God sent upon the Egyptians?

    15. Why did Moses refuse to let the Israelites make a sacrifice among the Egyptians?

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