Resource Materials Survey

This is a survey for off-site instructors to assist the Resource Room Coordinator in ordering core and supplemental materials.


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Please give the name of your instructional site(s) and what level(s) you are teaching at each site. *

  1. What core materials are you currently using?*
    Center Stage
    English in Action
    Excellent English
    From Home to School
    Side by Side
    Stand Out
    Step Forward
    Other (please answer next question)

  1. If you chose "Other" in the previous question, please provide the title and publisher information of the core materials you are using.

  1. Please rate the core text on how well it addresses CASAS Competencies. *
      1 2 3 4 5     Does not address CASAS Competencies
    Excellent   Poor  

  1. Please rate how well the core text meets the students' needs in general. *
      1 2 3 4 5     Does not meet the students' needs
    Excellent   Poor  

  1. What supplemental materials are you currently using in your class(es)?*
    Oxford Picture Dictionary-Black (Beg. Low-Int.)
    Oxford Picture Dictionary-Red (Literacy-Beg. Low)
    Graded Readers
    A Conversation Book

  1. If you answered "Graded Readers", what types of readers are you using?
    Very Easy True Stories
    Easy True Stories
    True Stories
    Beyond True Stories
    The Chicken Smells Good
    The Pizza Tastes Great
    The Salsa is Hot
    Easy Stories Plus
    Stories Plus
    Penguin Readers or Oxford Readers (any title)

  1. If you answered "Other" to question 6, please list the titles and publisher information for each supplemental item that you are using.

  1. If we were to order materials for the resource room, which core titles would be your top three choices? You may use the list below or add your own title. Please write the rank and the title. (e.g., 1-All Star, 2-Foundations, 3-Step Forward)
    Suggested Titles: All-Star, Center Stage, English in Action, Excellent English, Foundations, From Home to School, Side by Side, Stand Out, Step Forward*

  1. Please write any other comments (thoughts, suggestions, ideas, etc.) you may have concerning core materials, supplemental materials or the resource room. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey!

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