Yavapai College Foreign Language Enrollment Survey

Please fill out this short survey so that we, the language faculty at Yavapai College, might better serve you. Please note: Question 15 is optional.

  1. In which foreign language course(s) are you currently enrolled? Mark all that apply.
    SPA 101
    SPA 102
    SPA 201
    SPA 202
    SPA 131
    SPA 132
    SPA For Health Professionals
    FRE 131
    FRE 132

  1. Where do you live?
    Prescott Valley
    Chino Valley/Paulden
    Dewey/Mayer/Spring Valley/Cordes Lakes or surrounding area
    Wilhoit/Skull Valley/Baghdad/Yarnell or surrounding area
    Camp Verde or Cottonwood or surrounding area
    Other (Further away than any of these places)

  1. Which Yavapai College Campus do you attend most frequently?
    Prescott Valley
    Chino Valley/CTECH
    Camp Verde

  1. Are you . . .?

  1. How young are you?
    13 or younger
    66 or older

  1. What is your status?
    full-time student
    part-time student/full-time employee or care giving parent
    part-time student/part-time employee or care giving parent
    full-time student/full-time employee or care giving parent
    full-time student/part-time employee or care giving parent

  1. Why are you taking this foreign language course? (Although many reasons may apply, please select only the primary reason).
    Degree requirement (you’re Bachelor’s degree or other degree requires foreign language study)
    Personal Enrichment (you’ve always wanted to learn this language)
    Job requirement (as mandated by an employer, etc.)
    Job necessity (not required by employer, but gaining language fluency would help in your job)
    Travel (you’re planning to take a trip and need basic survival language skills)

  1. What aspect of your abilities in this language, according to your own judgment, need the most work?
    Speaking abilities
    Listening comprehension abilities
    Writing abilities
    Reading abilities

  1. What aspect of this language are you most looking forward to improving?
    Listening comprehension

  1. Considering you’re situation, (job schedule, child care schedule, and/or your class schedule) when is the best time for you to take a foreign language class? (These time slots are rough estimates and catered to SPA 101-202, but even if you are enrolled in a different foreign language section, which of these rough time slot estimates would work best for you? Choose one.)
    Later than 7:30pm

  1. What days are best for you?
    Mondays and Wednesdays
    Tuesdays and Thursdays

  1. If a foreign language class was offered one day a week, but for twice as much time per day, would that format better meet your needs? For example, SPA 101 on Mondays from 5:00 to 8:45 or SPA 131 on Thursdays from 12-2:30—would you take such a class?

  1. What would you think of a foreign language class that was offered On-line?
    I would hate it and not take it
    I would not like it, but I would take it if it met my scheduling needs
    I would love it and take it

  1. If we held informal round table discussions on a weekly or monthly basis for you to practice your foreign language skills with other people here at the college (some attendees might be students like you, some might be native speakers), would you be likely to attend?
    Yes, I’d always attend
    Yes, I’d attend often
    Yes, but honestly, I’d probably attend infrequently
    No, I would not attend

  1. If by some miracle, the Yavapai College Modern Language Department somehow fell into a significant amount of petty grant funds, and by an even greater miracle these funds were allocated to selected students in order to fund extravagant vacations to foreign language destinations, which vacation package would you be most likely to select? Please select only one.
    Cuernavaca, Mexico—Exploring Eternal Spring
    Paris, France—The Many Faces of Paris
    Buenos Aires, Argentina—Tango Tonight and Tomorrow
    Sheboygan, Wisconsin—Annual Cheese Fest and Curd Nomenclature Tournament