Stock Market Scavenger Hunt


  1. Using a search engine or a finance page, find the ticker symbols for the following companies: Toys R Us, Target, Starbucks, Bank of America, Wachovia, Trump Resorts, Microsoft, and Nike.

  1. Go to
    In the search box put in MCD. What company did you just look up and what is their stock currently selling for?

  1. Still using the same company, what has been their highest and lowest price in the last 1 month? What about the last 3 months? The last year?

  1. Is this company paying any dividends? How much?

  1. Now search for TBL. What company is this? What is their stock currently selling for?

  1. Search for BRK.A. What company is this? How much does one share of their stock cost?

  1. Now visit Identify 3 stocks that they are suggesting to buy (green thumbs up). What are the stocks currently selling for?

  1. Visit
    Click on Dividend stock calendar, then on dividend calendar, then on February 20th. What company paid the highest dividends last Friday? How much?

  1. For questions 9 and 10, choose any company you haven't researched yet. Identify the ticker symbol and look up the current stock price. What do you think will happen with this stock in the next couple of months? Why?

  1. Same as #9 with a different stock.