2009 Student Survey EX - (copy)

SLLT survey of ESE students

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Before I begin a reading assignment, I usually
    (check all that apply)*
    look over the pages to read the title, bold print, and headings, and I look at the pictures.
    read the summary at the end first.
    try to think about what I already know about the topic.
    think about the purpose for reading this.
    just get started.

  1. If I am reading and don't undertand what a sentence or paragraph is about, I*
    skip it
    reread or even read ahead to help me
    ask someone for help
    don't know what to do

  1. In my classes, teachers encourage me to
    (select all that apply)*
    Make predications
    Visualize or create a picture in my head
    Use graphic organizers (Venn diagrams, charts, webs, concept maps, etc.)
    Make connections
    Compare and contrast
    Highlight or underline
    Identify cause and effect relationships

  1. What reading strategies do you use while you read?
    (select all that apply)*
    highlighting or underlining
    visualizing or creating a picture in my head
    using a graphic organizer for key points

  1. Where do you get help with reading when you need it?
    (select all that apply)*
    in all my classes
    in my English class
    in my elective classes
    in my science, social studies, or math classes
    at home
    no one helps me

  1. Describe something one of your teachers does to improve your reading comprehension. *

  1. What can teachers do to help you with the assignments you have to read?
    (select all that apply)*
    help me get started
    offer me choices of what to read
    break the reading into smaller chunks
    help me with the words I don't know

  1. How much help do you get at school to do well in class?*
    all my teachers are willing to help me if I need it
    some teachers offer me help
    my friends help me
    it is hard to get help when I need it

  1. In most of my classes, essential questions (E.Q.) are*
    posted by the teacher and discussed and answered by the students
    posted by the teacher and sometimes discussed and answered
    posted in the room but not really talked about much
    not part of class

  1. Having the essential question (E.Q.) posted in each class this year*
    helps keep me focused on the topic
    sometimes made it easier to learn
    is no help to me
    essential questions aren't used in most my classes

  1. My teachers use rubrics to show the expectations for an assignment before I have to turn it in.*

  1. In most of my classes we use graphic organizers (webs, Venn Diagrams, concept maps, charts, etc.) to help us get ready to write an assignment.*

  1. My teachers ask me to write writtten responsed to check my understanding or see what I have learned*
    most days

  1. When it comes to attendance, I*
    rarely miss a day of school.
    am absent two or three days a month
    miss at least one class a week
    am absent frequently

  1. One thing that might improve student attendance is
    (select all that apply)*
    more challenging classes
    teachers who showed more interest in me personally
    being able to get the help I need to do well
    understanding how my class work relates to the real world
    having more school spirit activities (celebrations, class competitions, student vs. staff games)

  1. I think my ESE classes are
    (check all that apply)*
    too easy/dummied down
    right for me
    well-structured and focused on learning
    out of controll

  1. If I had a choice, I would*
    remain in ESE classes
    have a combination of regular and ESE classes
    have regular classes only (no ESE classes)

  1. I am in *
    9th grade
    10th grade
    11th grade
    12th grade

Reading Teacher
Palmetto High School
Palmetto, FL