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Proposal for Serious Game Development in the Piedmont Triad Area Please complete this survey as directed. Please provide as much detail as possible.


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  1. Name of primary contact:*

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  1. County (preference will be given to the Piedmont Triad 12-county area):*

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  1. Describe what your organization hopes to achieve by working with PTP on this project. Please outline your desired outcome for this game. If you are an educational institution, please provide the links this game could provide to current academic training & curriculum. *

  1. What concepts would you like to teach or demonstrate through this game? Example: Teach health care concepts, improve workplace safety, simulate on the job training, ways of saving energy, etc .*

  1. Describe the audience you intend for this serious game.*

  1. Why do you believe an interactive media/serious game approach would be effective? *

  1. Do you already use any games (online or traditional) or activities to reach, teach, or communicate with your audience? *

  1. If you have played some games that would give us a better idea of what you have in mind please give the name of the game and any web links. *

  1. Will your organization have someone (primary contact or other) who can attend planning meetings and be available for consultation during the length of this project?*