PBIS Lesson Survey

The PBIS committee would appreciate your feedback on the advisory lessons presented this school year.
To assist us in evaluating the current practice of PBIS advisory lessons, please complete this anonymous survey.

  1. What percentage of the time did you present the weekly PBIS advisory lesson?
    Less than 25%

  1. What are your thoughts about the length of the lessons?
    Too long
    Too short
    Just right

  1. Are you comfortable adapting the lesson plan to your grade level and circumstances or that more direction needs to be provided with each lesson?

  1. What lesson format seems to work best?
    Small group
    Rating scales
    Combination of the above

  1. What lessons or topics did you feel were particularly valuable or enjoyable to students?

  1. What topics would you like to see covered next year?

  1. Overall, do you feel the students benefited from the lessons?

  1. Additional comments.