Curriculum for Excellence

Please try to answer as fully as possible. I have made only a few questions mandatory, but I would really appreciate if you could complete as many of the questions as you can. Please either use your own name or school name at the start. Thanks. Gordon.


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Does your school have a designated Numeracy co-ordinator?*

  1. If yes, please provide their name and position within the school.

  1. Does your school have an active Numeracy Group or Committee?*

  1. If yes, who is the chair of the Group?

  1. If yes, what action(s) have the Group already taken?

  1. Which of these is closest to your/your department's current position regarding the development of a Numeracy methodology.*
    We already have an agreed written methodology
    We are using an exisiting document and are in the process of amending it to suit our school
    We have had some discussions but little progress to date
    We have had no discussion on methodology

  1. Have you (or the Numeracy Group in your school) gathered information regarding numeracy across the curriculum (when and where numeracy skills are employed)?*

  1. If yes or partially: I am trying to collate information on Numeracy across the curriculum by using full or partial audits which have already been compiled. This would then made available to all schools. Are you able to make this information available to me?

  1. How many Interactive Whiteboards does your department have? 

  1. Which make are these boards? 

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