SMART Board Basic Workshop Follow up - Spring 2010

Please answer the following questions. If you are using a SMART Board in your classroom answer the questions from your experience with your class. If you do not have a SMART Board available to use please answer the questions on how you think students would respond to the use of a SMART Board in your class.


  1. Select the SMART Board Workshop you attended... 

  1. Explore the Education SMART website:

    Choose one resource you find helpful and give a quick overview.

    • Explore Lesson Activities
      • Find 2 lesson activities - one made by SMART and one Teacher Made
    • Give the URL of each lesson and the name/grade/subject and how you would use this in your classroom.

  1.  Describe how you will or do integrated the use of the SmartBoard into your lesson plan and curriculum.

  1. Describe the impact to students’ learning when the SMART Board is integrated into the curriculum and list ways you can have students interact with the board:


    Go to Training website and list two types of training available to you.


    • Choose one video created by teachers and/or SMART’s staff on the TeacherTube channels.
    •  See how easy it is to use a SMART Board interactive whiteboard to create extraordinary moments in your classroom.
    • Copy the URL and describe the video.

Instructional Technology Specialist
Tedder Elementary
Pompano Beach, FL