James John Staff Computer Efficiency Survey

This survey will help the technology committee assess how efficiently staff computers are running. Please read each statement carefully and rate how well each statement describes how your computer from 1-never/strongly disagree to 5-always/strongly agree (the one that is at your desk in the classroom).


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. How efficiently is your computer running? How often does your computer freeze or take more than a few minutes to run a program/upload? Please rate your computer's efficiency from:

    1-EXCELLENT (never freezes, run well) to
    5-POOR (freezes almost every time you use it and/or runs very slow) *
      1 2 3 4 5     N/A

  1. Please check your computer's RAM (available memory).
    To check:
    -Go to "My Computer" and right click.
    -Select "Properties"
    -Look for KB of RAM (should be at the bottom of the first tab that pops up)

    Please record how many KB of RAM your computer has available.*

  1. Are you interested in a laptop for your classroom?*

  1. Please feel free to share any other concerns/issues you are having with your computer that you think need attention.

Student Teacher