Hand-Held Two-Way Radio Assessment

Thank you for taking a moment to assess and document hand-held radio equipment. This information will assist CSM in ensuring this equipment will be continuously functional for emergency preparedness purposes.

The survey will be open from December 17 to December 30.

NOTE: This survey only applies to those areas that do NOT use two-way radios on a daily basis for operational purposes. Departments such as security, plant engineering and transportation should not participate in this survey.

Thank you for your time!

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

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  1. Department/Unit:*

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  1. Date completed:*

  1. Please indicate the brand (Motorola, Kenwood, etc.):*

  1. Please indicate the model number (remove battery -- listed on label):*

  1. Please indicate the number of available hand-held radios:*

  1. Do all of the radios have antennae attached?*

  1. If known, how many channels are available (numbers around knob)?*

  1. Is a battery attached to the back or bottom of the radio?*

  1. Please indicate the number of available radio chargers:*