Newsletter usage survey

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A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Do you know that you receive a weekly email from the media center that contains a newsletter?*

  1. Do you open and read this newsletter?
    If yes, go to question #6. If no, go to question #3.*

  1. If you do not open and read the newsletter, why not?
    You do NOT need to answer questions #6, #7 #8 or #9.
    I don't have time
    I didn't think it would be helpful
    I don't care for the format
    It comes too late-the material isn't timely

  1. Do you know that the newsletter contains information such as helpful general websites, distance learning programs, special Channel One recordable programs (not shown daily) 21st Century Skils information and much more?

  1. Do you know that many weeks the newsletter also contains information geared toward your specific curriculum? (with the exception of some classes-sorry)

  1. How often do you open and read the newsletter?
    every week
    every other week
    three times a month
    once a month

  1. Do you find the information in the newsletter to be helpful and useful?

  1. How often do you USE the information in the newsletter?

  1. Which pieces of information do you find the most useful/helpful?

  1. What would encourage you to use the materials more?*

  1. What kind of information would you like to see in the newsletter?*

  1. Would you rather receive forwarded emails from the media center that contains helpful information? Keep in mind other subject content is not weeded out and you may receive several emails a day.*

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James A. Garfield High School