Do You Like Using Computer Technology to Learn English?


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. What is your age?*

  1. I am a _________.*

  1. What country are you from?*

  1. How long have you been studying English?*
    0 to 3 months
    4 months to 6 months
    7 months to 11 months
    1 to 3 years
    4+ years

  1. Do you have a computer at home?*

  1. Do you use a computer at work?*
    I don't have a job.

  1. How long, each day, do you use a computer?*
    30 minutes
    1 hour
    2 hours
    3 hours
    More than 4 hours a each day

  1. Rank from 1 (high) to 5 (low), which technology has help you learn English.*
        1 2 3 4 5   None of the above.
    All Star, Side by Side AND/OR Grammar Sense    
    Internet (look for jobs, read the news, etc.)    
    Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)    
    Electronic Mail (e-mail)    
    Other (watch movies, listen to music, etc.)    

  1. What KINDS of computer software programs do you feel helps you learn more English? (For example: internet, email, listening to music, etc.)*

  1. I like using computer technology to learn English because...*

ESL Computer Lab/Citizenship Teacher
Continuing Education/Mid City School
San Diego, CA