Things I should know about you!

Please answer each question as completely as you can. Thoughtful and complete answers will be much appreciated!


  1. What are your reasons or personal goals for taking Spanish?

  1. Have you ever studied Spanish before and if so for how long and how long ago?

  1. What is your first language? Do you speak another language other than English?

  1. Have you ever traveled to another country? If so, where and how long ago?

  1. Have you ever lived in a foreign country? If so, where?

  1. Does anyone in your family speak Spanish well enough to help you study at home?

  1. Do you know any native Spanish speakers that might help in class or visit our class to share their culture? If so describe your relationship with this person (a family member, neighbor, close friend of your parents...?).

  1. Tell me as many positive things as you can about your study habits and learning strategies.

  1. Tell me as many things as you can about what you struggle with in regards to learning, school in general or classroom activities and environment.