My Computer and Me

Complete this survey.


  1. I have a working computer to use at home. 

  1. I log on to my computer everyday at home. 

  1. I use my computer to Check email and access Facebook/Myspace 

  1. I use my computer to do school assignments. 

  1. I use my computer to be creative and draw/paint. 

  1. I check teacherweb assignments for my classes from my home computer ... 

  1. I can access RAZ Kids from home  

  1. I did (or did not) complete the Language Arts homework assignment this week because 

  1. How do you feel about computer assignments as a way to learn without wasting paper? 

  1. What do your think is the best way to access assignments on a computer if you do not have one at home? 

ESL Teacher
Canyon Vista MS
Austin, TX